Welcome to your beautifully remodeled home! But wait, there’s one more step to complete your renovation project: air duct cleaning. Let’s explore why this service is vital for your post-remodel home.

Breathe Easy After Your Remodel with Bee’s Air Duct Cleaning

Your recent home remodel has undoubtedly added beauty and value to your property. However, it could also have unintentionally polluted your indoor air. Construction dust and debris may have infiltrated your HVAC system and air ducts. Our professional air duct cleaning services can help you breathe in fresh, clean air.

remodel cleanup bees air duct cleaning

Beyond Surface Cleaning:

Post-remodel cleaning involves more than just wiping and mopping. Hidden areas, such as your air ducts, can harbor dust and debris. Our comprehensive air duct cleaning targets these hard-to-reach places, leaving your home clean from the inside out.

Health First:

Clean air isn’t just enjoyable; it’s crucial for your health. Contaminants lurking in your air ducts can trigger allergies, respiratory issues, and other health problems. By thoroughly cleaning your air ducts, we help create a healthier living environment for you and your family.

No More Remodeling Odors:

Are you still smelling paint or construction materials long after the remodel is done? Particles causing these odors might be stuck in your air ducts. Our air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services can eliminate these pesky particles, allowing your home to smell as good as it looks.

post remodel cleanup bees air duct cleaning

Protect Your Remodel Investment:

You’ve invested time, effort, and money into your home remodel. Protect that investment by ensuring your HVAC system—the heart of your home’s comfort—operates at peak performance. Our air duct cleaning service helps to reduce dust buildup in your system, potentially saving energy and increasing its longevity.

Targeted Cleaning for Essential HVAC Components:

Our detailed air duct cleaning process addresses all essential HVAC components that may be affected by post-remodel dust accumulation:

  • Air Ducts: Dust and debris can restrict airflow, making your system work harder. We’ll clear out these pathways, allowing your heated or cooled air to circulate efficiently.
  • Air Handler/ Furnace: This crucial unit can become clogged with construction dust, straining your system. Our cleaning process will keep the air handler functioning optimally.
  • Evaporator Coil: When dust settles on the evaporator coil, your system may struggle to cool your home effectively. We’ll clean the coil to ensure efficient heat transfer.
  • Filters: Remodeling projects can quickly clog your HVAC system’s filters. We’ll clean or replace them as needed, allowing them to effectively maintain optimal airflow.

Trust our team of professionals to provide a thorough cleaning that keeps your HVAC system—and your indoor air—clean and healthy.

Embrace Your Fresh, Clean Home:

Completing a home remodel is a significant achievement. Ensure you can enjoy the results in a clean, fresh, and healthy environment. Bee’s Air Duct Cleaning services are your post-remodeling essential for optimal home comfort. Don’t just remodel—refresh! Get in touch with us today.


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