Each truck has a portable electric vacuum, a semi portable gas vacuum and a large truck mounted vacuum. Which vacuum is best for a project depends on how much hose we have to run to the furnace (the longer the hose, the less suction), the weather and other variables.

A single system home will take about a half a day, 4-5 hours
A two system home will take a full day 6-8 hours

NO! The reason you hear these horror stories is because other companies have either not invested in powerful enough equipment or do not know how to use their equipment. The key to keeping this from happening is making sure the vacuum at the base of the system has more power and force than the air compressor. If the vacuum does not have enough suction, then every time the compressed air hits a corner, all the dust and debris blows back into the home. When the vacuum has greater force than the air compressor we keep all the dust and debris moving in the direction of the vacuum, away from the living room. This is a problem with all portable equipment.

We cannot do a duct cleaning without creating access panels. Once the project is completed we will seal the holes with sheets metal, 4 screws, and heat seal tape. This is the same way the joints are sealed in all of the duct work in your home. If you have already had a duct cleaning, you probably already have these access panels and we will use the same access panels from your last duct cleaning. All future duct cleanings will use the same access panels.
Bee was an HVAC technician for 12 years before we started this company. He wanted to have a company that was completely focused on maintaining HVAC systems instead of selling new equipment. We have also kept this company purposely small. We focus on quality and not quantity. We only run 3 trucks, and each of our lead technicians is certified by NADCA. Our least experienced lead tech has 5 years of field experience. Bee is always around and available to help our crew, answer questions, and for anything out of the ordinary or unexpected Cleaning the furnace and evaporator coil really maximizes the benefits of your duct cleaning. Between the furnace and evaporator coil is where airflow gets restricted by the buildup of dust and debris. When air can flow freely, your furnace doesn’t need to work as hard, you save energy and the furnace lasts longer.

Dirty A/C coils can have a big impact on the airflow in your home. One of the big differences between Bee’s and all of our competitors is that we do a soft, wet wash on your evaporator coil, and not just a quick “air wash.” Your evaporator coil is the primary source of air flow restriction in the system, and a thorough cleaning really helps air move through the system and more effectively cool even the hard to reach rooms.

We can try! But we cannot make any guarantees. Cat pee is one of the hardest things to remove from an HVAC system. It becomes sticky and is hard to remove. If the system is really dirty we actually have more luck than if the system was otherwise clean because the urine soaks into all the dust and debris and we have more for the brushes to grab onto. If the vent is in a totally finished area it is probably worth trying. If the ductwork is exposed, it would be better to replace the pipe.
After a thorough duct cleaning we can treat the system with OdorX 9d9. This is the best product we have found to deal with smoke odors in the HVAC system. Even though we have a very high success rate, we cannot offer any guarantees. There are times that full duct replacement is necessary.
Your technicians will wear booties and lay drop clothes. They will also wear masks upon request. More importantly, we are a small team and really care! Read our reviews and see what other homeowners have to say about the care and respect we have in their homes.
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