Our Process

Our Process

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Air Duct Cleaning Cleaning Process

The cleaning method we use is called source removal. During cleaning, the entire HVAC system is placed under continuous negative pressure by connecting a large vacuum to the plenum. The plenum is just where your furnace and ductwork meet at the base of the HVAC system. The negative pressure that we create in the system with the vacuum is what stops the contaminants in your HVAC system from blowing out into your living space during and after your cleaning.

Once that negative pressure is established your technicians will start the cleaning. They start at the vent furthest away from the furnace on the supply side of the system. The supply side is the side of your HVAC system that blows heated or cooled air out. He will open each vent, one at a time, to focus the draw from the vacuum into that line of ductwork. He will use agitation tools to break loose the contaminants and scrub the sides of the duct work. Examples of agitation tools include: brushes, air whips and compressed air nozzles or “skipper balls.” Your technician will take into account multiple factors when choosing which agitation tools to use including, the type of ductwork, condition of ductwork and level of contamination. He will work his way through each of your supply vents in this fashion. Next, he will see where he can access your trunk lines, which are just the big main lines that all of the vents branch off of to continue his cleaning process, and move all of the debris from the supply side of your system to the vacuum at the base. Once he has completed your supply side. He is going to take everything down, connect his vacuum to the cold air return side of the system and go through that exact same process.

Where possible, access to duct interiors will be made through existing openings such as supply diffusers, return grills, duct end caps and existing service openings. Cleaning technicians may need to cut access holes in the ductwork in order to reach inside with various cleaning tools. We will patch and seal all service openings at the completion of the service.

Blower motor

Furnace Cleaning Process

Your technician will remove the blow motor from your furnace so he can thoroughly clean the blow motor, the motor assembly, the interior cabinet and heat exchange.

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Evaporator Coil Cleaning Process

Your technician will do a wet cleaning of the evaporator coil so we can be sure all of the gummed up debris from behind the fins is removed. This should really improve your air flow and your a/c’s cooling capacity.
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