Pest Infestation

Pest infestations in your ductwork can cause foul odors and spread diseases. Read on to find out how Bee’s can protect your home and your health from these invaders.

Have you been experiencing a pest infestation in your home?
Often, homeowners only realize they have pests, such as mice, in their air ducts after something has died and they start to have foul odors coming out of their vents. Many homeowners are hoping that we can somehow go in, grab the dead animal, and quickly remove it to solve the problem. Unfortunately this is not the case. First, in a pest situation there are normally multiple critters in the ductwork to remove. Second, these critters are walking around in the system defecating and urinating. So really, we have to go through the process of cleaning the whole system so we can be sure all of the critters and their excrement are removed.

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